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Tatwadasrsha Hospital is corporate hospital managed by doctors with a human touch. This hospital is one of its kind in north Karnataka. It was established in the year 2013. 

Treatment cost in our hospital is very competitive yet the quality is at state of art. The base foundation of our hospital is its doctors, who are cherry picked professionally, talented and patient-centered. Unlike other corporate hospitals, our doctors do not have any targets to be reached. The only common goal or objective is to treat the needy at affordable and quality-based care.

We have 24 X 7 service with modern facilities i.e Hi-tech ambulance service, MICU, SICU, NICU and cath lab CT Scan etc check our facilities page to know more. Our hospital covers a wide variety of super specialities as well specialities. To know more kindly check in our department page.

Our hospital is approved by various Government schemes to help the poor as well. For providing cashless services we have tied up with various Private TPAs or insurances.

To reduce the cost of treatment we have created various packages.

Our Team Of Consultant Doctors